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    1. Areas of Expertise

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      We have large-scale team in head hunting industry, many years’ experience of identification of outstanding candidates efficiently and considerable knowledge of IT services and software market. Those resources enable us to care for our every client.


      Combining special knowledge with rich experience and unparalleled vision in this industry and market, our manufacturing team help clients identify and recruit ideal talents. Cooperating closely with clients in long term, continuously looking for and developing new consultative approaches to serve our clients.

      Fast Moving Consumer Goods

      Our experienced consultants and researchers understand well most problems and main companies in this industry, and guarantee that you will be assisted by experts.


      To better service in this industry, we have assembled a high-caliber team of professionals in all sectors of the financial industry. Large data bank and advanced information system enable us to search easily.

      Medicinal Industry

      By improving ability and more experienced consultants, we bring more opportunities for excellent talents and meanwhile appraise candidates for our clients’ right choice.

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