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      Talents Search –recommend the most suitable candidates for you

      PERSOLKELLY China Ltd.Starting business in 1996, with rich experience of 26 years and database of more than 500,000 candidates covers all professions, our experienced consulting team can recognize and recommend the most suitable candidates for you and serve you in East China, North China , South China, Hong Kong and Japan.

      Executive Search –high-ranking talents referral service

      PERSOLKELLY China Ltd.With local network and considerable knowledge, we can quickly hunt the most suitable local talents and bring great value to our clients. Entrusted by foreign and Chinese companies from different trades, we have successfully searched and recommended high-ranking management and technical experts, such as CEO, CFO, Deputy Managing Director, Chief Representative, HR Director, Marketing Development Director, Sales Director and Factory Director who are on yearly salary of more than 1 million. By professional service procedure, we keep communicating with our clients and keep confidential for both clients and candidates. Our clients are from multifarious industries such as Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Daily Expense Commodity, Finance & Insurance, Chemical production, Pharmaceutical & Health Care, IT & Telecommunication, Electronic, Mechanism, Trade, Logistics, Machinery, etc.

      RPO(Recruitment Process Outsourcing) –Improved Recruitment in Both Quantity and Quality

      PERSOLKELLY China Ltd.RPO is recruitment process outsourcing partly or wholly and a kind of BPO(business process outsourcing).
      Our recruitment services can meet clients’ different requirements, which includes consulting and solutions on recruitment plan and methods, recruitment contracting, graduates recruitment, large quantity recruitment, and recruitment for newly established company, etc.
      Our professionals will draw up recruitment plan and advertisement, carry out recruitment and support you in interview.

      Advice on human affairs and labor force in China

      PERSOLKELLY Consulting (Shanghai) Ltd.We can solve answer questions about Law of Employment Contracts and Labor Law and daily labor issues, draw up related documents, give related information on HR, set up system of HR or labor management, system of examining and salary.
      We have been served more than 600 member companies in Hong Kong, South China and Changjiang Delta.
      There are 2 kinds of services for our clients, i.e. member services and individual services.


      PERSOLKELLY Consulting (Shanghai) Ltd.With the vision “ Training is the key to enterprise development”, we train client’s talents, teach HR management knowledge, help carry out training plan. Among European and American advanced courses, the ones welcomed by Chinese enterprises are selected into our plan. Our lecturers, who are experienced in working and training in foreign companies, can provide ordered courses and participate in whole process from ordering to effectiveness proving.

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